Dark Souls 3
"Dark Souls 3" will be released on April 12 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bandai Namco

PC players will be enjoying the view once they start playing “Dark Souls 3.” Developer From Software has already announced that the game will run at 60FPS on day one.

The confirmation came via the official Dark Souls Twitter, furthering exciting fans by saying that that they should forget what has been rumoured in the past. As expected, fans are rejoicing everywhere at the news.

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Of course, there are a few fans who have their reservations. Others have proceeded to ask how “Dark Souls 3” will perform on the PS4. As far as any word from the developer, there has been no change when it comes to the 30FPS run for both the Xbox One and PS4.

“So long as we don’t lose double the durability per weapon swing. Again,” said Twitter user SaintGroyer.

Previous iterations dating back to the original “Dark Souls” title have been locked to 30FPS. “Dark Souls 2,” on the other hand, was plagued with problems on weapon degradation, hence the concern of other players, VentureBeat reported.

This does not seem to be the only improvement that “Dark Souls 3” has over its predecessors. In a recent report, SegmentNext stated that game creator Hideki Miyazaki confirmed that “Dark Souls 3” is more dense and complex compared to “Dark Souls 2.”

Miyazaki stated that the movement of the team for the game was not to make it bigger—in fact, the Miyazaki suggested that the world may actually be smaller than “Dark Souls 2”—but rather to go deeper into the story. This was done by taking advantage of the capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One as next-gen consoles.

What this actually means was not expounded on, as Miyazaki did not want to spoil the game before players were able to take a gander once it releases. The game does boast more weapons, with 200 recorded weapons available to players in the game. It also helps that Miyazaki’s time with “Bloodborne” has also contributed to the development of “Dark Souls 3,” so fans of the former should be excited to see how it will be showcased in the latter.

For now, Kotaku Australia has found a new clip that features gameplay clip from the Australian premiere of “Dark Souls 3.” The player, VaatiVidya, shows off “Dark Souls 3” in the 18-minute video. Fans can see some fight scenes, snippets of the environments and a few simple details in the game.

“Dark Souls 3” will come out in a little over a week on March 24 in Japan, and April 12 worldwide. It is headed to the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

"Dark Souls 3" gameplay (Credit: YouTube/VaatiVidya)