Tom Riley called “Da Vinci’s Demons” Season 3 as a “darker” season and explained how the plot will now connect some of the events of the previous seasons. The promo pictures of the first five episodes have also surfaced online, showing fans what to expect. [Spoiler alert]

A new video released by Starz teases some of the scenes from the next season of the popular TV series. Cast member Blake Ritson (Girolamo Riario) called the next season of the show as being “bigger, badder” and “bloodier than ever.” Riley (Leonardo) said that the season was “darker” and “riskier.”

Executive producer David S. Goyer said that “now more than any time before” Leonardo has become a “greater than life figure.” Executive producer John Shiban said that the “scope” and the “look” of the TV series makes it look like a feature film in each episode.

Riley said that his character will now have to deal with the “fallout” of some of the actions of his character in the past two seasons. The actor said that “Da Vinci’s Demons” Season 3 will explore the “ripple effect” Leonardo’s actions have had on the people around him.

Laura Haddock (Lucrezia Donati) said that some of the characters will find themselves in situations that are “more dangerous” than what they have been through before and they will have to be “really strong” in order to face them. Gregg Chillin (Zoroaster) teased that “no one is safe” in the next season and the characters are “dropping like flies” in the show.

The next season will begin with the Turkish invasion and Leonardo will find that the invading army has somehow managed to steal his designs and they have managed to improve them. The promo pictures of the first five episodes of the show posted on SpoilerTV shows Leonardo fighting the invading army.

The pictures also show that the real Pope Sixtus IV will manage to escape and will meet with Al-Rahim, the Turk who first told Leonardo about the Book of Leaves. Leonardo’s father will be captured by the Turkish army and he will face execution in the second episode of “Da Vinci’s Demons” Season 3.

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