Sam Heughan
Scottish actor Sam Heughan from the TV series "Outlander" poses during a photocall at the 55th Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco June 14, 2015. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

A new deleted scene from “Outlander” Season 1 has surfaced online. The video shows Sam Heughan wearing a kilt. Many of the deleted scenes that are a part of the Blu-ray edition of the TV series have been released online recently.

The video posted on the YouTube channel of Sony Pictures Entertainment shows the two main cast members Heughan (Jamie Fraser) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire). The deleted scene is from episode 14 of the first season titled “The Search.”

Claire wakes up early in the morning to find her husband wearing his kilt in the scene. The video contains a monologue by Claire, but the fans of the TV series will note that the voice over was not done by Balfe. The scene shows Claire noting that over time it is the “simple things” that “linger in memory.”

As Jamie is busy getting his kilt ready, Claire watches him carefully forming the pleats of the kilt. The video shows how Heughan has to lie down after making the elaborate preparations, in order to wear the Scottish costume.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has been releasing deleted scenes from the “Outlander” TV series online. The YouTube channel recently also released a TV spot of the show that gives details about some of the collectables that come with the Blu-ray and the DVD editions. The video teases the stationary set that is being made available by Target.

The cast and crew of the show are currently busy filming for Season 2 of the show. In a recent interview with People, Balfe, executive producer Ronald D. Moore and author Diana Gabaldon talked about some of the elements of the first season. Balfe said that when her character first met Jamie she was able to relate to the “bond of patient and nurse.”

Moore pointed out that Claire was not planning to have any kind of a relationship after she travels back in time in “Outlander” Season 1, but there is a “spark” between her and Jamie. Gabaldon explained that although Jamie is a man from the 1700s there is something “timeless about him.” The author said that the character was “modern” and was willing to “change his view point or learn or be open to new ideas.”

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