After winning “X-Factor Australia” 2015, Cyrus Villanueva has shared some interesting details from his journey on the reality singing competition. The 19-year-old singer also revealed what he plans to do in the future and the artist he would like to work with.

Tuesday, Nov. 24, is a day that Villanueva will remember forever. It was on this day that the Filipino Australia singer started his music career after winning “X-Factor Australia.” Now that the competition has ended, Villanueva still can’t believe that his quest to prove that he had the “X Factor” to break into the music industry is over.

“It's so crazy to believe it's already over! It's been such a long journey,” he said during an interview with PopSugar. “It's pretty much been a lifestyle, because everyday we're doing stuff at the studio for the show, and now it's all said and done, it's quite sad. But I've had the best time, I've met and worked with some amazing people, it's been really great.”

He also looked back on the “X-Factor Australia” moments that he found memorable and challenging. Villanueva recalled his five chair challenge and described it as “one of [his] most emotional performances.” The “X-Factor Australia” winner told PopSugar that it was also the moment where he realised his love of performing in front of many people.

However, he also recounted his rock week performance where he received criticisms from “X-Factor Australia” season 7 judges. Villanueva revealed to PopSugar that despite it being a “tough week,” he, along with his “X-Factor Australia” mentor Chris Isaak, decided to put it behind them and learn from the experience.

When PopSugar asked about the conflicts between the judges both on and off-camera, Villanueva shared that there were times when the situation “gets heated” between the four judges.

“But that's all just because they all care so much about their art,” he explained. “It's their job there to be honest with their critique, I think it's all part of it and in good taste.”

As for his future plans, Villanueva told Pop Sugar that he’s currently focused on finishing his first album. The “X-Factor Australia” winner, whose debut single “Stone” reached the top spot of Australia’s iTunes chart on Nov. 25, is planning to “take it one step at a time.”

“The rest is just going to fall together,” he added. “I'll hopefully be performing at some places soon, which is pretty exciting! I can't wait for what the future holds.”

He also dished to PopSugar one of his music goals, which is to do a duet with Alicia Keys. Villanueva has previously expressed his wish to collaborate with Keys during an "AskCyrusandBigT” session.

Exciting things are definitely in store for the “X-Factor Australia” 2015 winner.

Villanueva is set to release his debut album on Dec. 11.

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