Cyrus Villanueva took to Instagram to share the “big” project that he has been working on.

Many of Villanueva’s fans have been eagerly awaiting latest news about the Filipino-Australian singer’s new project. The “X Factor Australia” 2015 winner has posted a series of messages on Instagram which hinted of something “big” that will be unveiled on Friday, Jan. 15.

In Villanueva’s Instagram message posted on Friday morning, he wrote, “You've asked, I've listened. 4PM today, I've got something big to share. #ComingSoon.” He also uploaded a series of photos on the social media site which showed him walking down the stairs and another which had him sitting while he peeked from behind the chair’s back.

His fans became excited with the singer’s promise to reveal what he has been working on for the past weeks, which turned out to be a new single. Villanueva’s latest Instagram post revealed that his new song titled “Keep Talking” will be released on February. Apart from that, the singer also stated that he was “excited” to share a song that has “a part of [his] heart” to fans.

“I've never been more excited about anything in my life,” Villanueva wrote on Instagram. “I will be finally sharing music with you that not only has my fingerprints on it but also a part of my heart. I owe it to all of those who have supported me since day one - this is just the beginning of what is going to be a huge year. #KeepTalking.” The “Stone” crooner also mentioned that his upcoming new song is already available for pre-order in online music stores, such as iTunes.

The singer first hinted of his new project through Instagram in early January. His post then stated that his fans have “asked for it” and that he “listened” to them. This sparked mixed reactions from fans who tried to guess what the former “X Factor Australia” contender could be referring to. Some fans speculated that Villanueva’s new project was a new tour or an album, while others thought it was a new single.

Villanueva’s new song “Keep Talking” will be released on Feb. 12.