Croc Attacks Teen Washing Clothes In River, Brave Mum Battles With Reptile For 10 Minutes

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(IN PHOTO) A trainer picks up Chinese Yuan banknotes from the open mouth of a crocodile during a performance at a zoo in Wenling, Zhejiang province March 2, 2015. Picture taken March 2, 2015. Reuters

If a croc succeeded in eating a human who appeared to be hiding from the law in Zimbabwe in March, on Sunday another human-hungry crocodile attempted to snatch a 19-year-old Indian woman who was washing clothes by the banks of the Vishwamitri River near Padra in Gujarat state. The victim, Kanta Vankar, was already clamped in the jaws of the reptile which was trying to pull her into the water.

Vankar’s mother, Divali, was nearby and rushed to rescue her daughter, reports the New York Daily News. She grabbed her daughter’s hands and hit the croc with a washing bat.

It was an epic 10-minute battle with Divali constantly hitting the croc with the wooden ban normally used for removing dirt from clothes. After 10 minutes, the croc gave up and let go of Vankar’s leg.

Vankar was rushed to the hospital and is in a stable condition. She was treated for injuries on her leg, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Because the river is home to about 260 crocodiles, authorities have advised local residents to stay away from the river. However, many continue to wash their clothes on Vishwamitri, said Forest Range Officer Ashok Pandya.

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