Roman Atwood, a comedian known for his outstanding YouTube pranks, uploaded his latest video "Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!" on Jan. 18, 2015. The video shows himself and his children conspiring to prank his wife by turning their living room into a ball pit with the use of playground plastic balls. The clip immediately went viral, coming close to 7 million views at the time of this writing.

The video starts with a phone call between Atwood and his wife as he informs her that he would be taking their children out. The wife approves, and immediately the video starts showing footage of an 18-wheeler truck unloading enormous bags of plastic balls unto the house. A crew sets the living room up for the prank as Atwood's kids play with the equipment in the background. The plastic balls are then unleashed while the children start to cheer and frolic. Atwood himself joins his kids as they wait for their mother to come home.

Atwood tells everyone to keep quiet as the wife calls to inform him that she is on her way. He then starts to set up a trap on the front door with the help of the crew. Soon enough, his wife arrives.

"Welcome home," Atwood says, to which his bewildered wife promptly responds, "Are you kidding me?"

Roman Atwood has over 5 million subscribers, and his video "Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!" has been featured in articles by MTV and People Magazine. Watch the video here:

Credit: YouTube/RomanAtwood

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