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British actress Jane Danson poses at the "National Television Awards" at the Royal Albert Hall in London October 31, 2007. Danson portrays the character Leanne Battersby in the ITV soap opera "Coronation Street." REUTERS/Anthony Harvey

The "Coronation Street" cast, including Simon Gregson (Steve), Jane Danson (Leanne), Beverley Callard (Liz), Catherine Tyldesley (Eva), Georgia Taylor (Toyah), Emmanuel and Jeremiah (Oliver), Kym Marsh (Michelle), Sair Khan (Alya), Faye Brookes (Kate), Robert (Tristan Gemmill), Claire King (Erica), Zennon Ditchett (Aadi), Tanisha Gorey (Asha), Jimmi Harkishin (Dev), Leon Ockenden (Will), Samia Ghadie (Maria), Daniel Brocklebank (Billy), Matilda Freeman (Summer), Connie Hyde (Gina), Connor McIntyre (Phelan) and Nicola Thorp (Nicola), will be featured in the "Corrie" episodes on Friday. The important scenes to watch out for include Steve's shocking proposal to Leanne and her reaction to it. Read on to learn more.

Spoiler Alert! This update contains more 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2017. Continue reading if you want to know more about the new back-to-back episodes on Friday.

Steve's surprise proposal

Digital Spy reports that the first "Corrie" episode on Friday will feature the surprising wedding proposal of Steve to Leanne. Before that, Eva and Toyah will convince Leanne to go out and let Steve babysit. When she returns home, she will tell Steve that she'd rather just stay in and watch a DVD. She'll also give County shirts to Steve and Oliver. This gesture will overwhelm Steve; that's why he'll suddenly ask Leanne to marry him. Naturally, Leanne will be stunned by the wedding proposal.

Asha and Aadi's plan to get revenge

Elsewhere, Aadi and Asha wants to get revenge against Erica for cheating on their father. They plan to drop water bombs on her from the Underworld balcony. Unfortunately, instead of hitting Erica, they will hit Liz and this will anger Dev.

Meanwhile, Billy works on building a robot but will have a hard time doing so. Summer will help him with the project. As for Will, he'll arrange another date with Maria. Michelle will reassure Maria that the date is okay with her. She'll even suggest to meet at the Bistro for a drink with them.

Michelle overhears Alya's conversation with Kate

Michelle will overhear Alya talking to Kate about how Robert called Luke to fix her car window and keep it a secret. This will infuriate Michelle who will confront Robert for lying to her again. This "Corrie" episode will air on ITV in the UK at 7:30 pm BST.

Leanne tells Steve the reasons why they shouldn't get married

The second episode on Friday will air at 8:30 BST and will show Leanne's reaction to Steve's proposal. It will also show her telling Steve the reasons why they shouldn't get married. Leanne will tell Toyah and Eva that Steve proposed to her. However, she'll end up defending Steve when the girls crack jokes about him.

Toyah discovers Eva's secret

Meanwhile, Phelan will visit a church and tell the priest at the confessional that he deserves to be punished for his sins. After going to the church, Phelan will apologise to Nicola for not meeting her on their scheduled date. He'll suggest a raincheck on the following day but Nicola won't be happy about it. Plus, Billy tells Summer that he hopes they can be friends. Finally, Toyah will be shocked when she finds out about Eva's fake pregnancy.

"Coronation Street" episodes air in Australia on BBC UKTV. It also airs in the UK on the ITV Channel during weekdays. Click here to see some photos of the British soap's scenes on Monday.

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