Coronation Street
Street sign on Coronation Street Studio set, Manchester, England, Sept. 2000 Wikimedia Commons/Andrea_44

The "Coronation Street" cast, which includes Tristan Gemmill (Robert), Kym Marsh (Michelle), Fraser Ayres (Rich), Sam Aston (Chesney), Catherine Tyldesley (Eva), Emmanuel and Jeremiah (Oliver), Shayne Ward (Aidan), Simon Gregson (Steve), Claire King (Erica), Jane Danson (Leanne), Patti Clare (Mary), Jimmi Harkishin (Dev), Daniel Brocklebank (Billy), Matilda Freeman (Summer), Samia Ghadie (Maria), Leon Ockenden (Will), Sam Robertson (Adam), Brooke Vincent (Sophie), Colson Smith (Craig), Dean Fagan (Luke), Sair Khan (Alya) and Lucy Fallon (Bethany), will be featured in the "Corrie" episodes on Monday, July 31. The scenes to watch out for include Robert's risky move to solve one of his problems involving money, and Michelle's car being vandalised. Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler Alert! This update contains more 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2017. Continue reading if you want to know more about the new back-to-back episodes on Monday.

Robert tries gambling

Digital Spy reports that the first "Corrie" episode on Monday will show Robert offering Chesney £5,000 (AU$8,224.70) as a sign of goodwill. Chesney will accept it, but Adam will be annoyed about it. However, Robert will admit to Michelle that he'll have a difficult time paying Chesney. Michelle will offer to help him but he'll refuse. Unfortunately, Robert will resort to gambling at the casino to solve his problem. He'll even get money from the Bistro when no one is looking.

Elsewhere, Eva will tell Leanne that she can move in with her and Aidan. However, Steve will also suggest that she and Oliver move in with him so they can both look after the kid. Plus, Billy will worry about Summer keeping things to herself.

As for Erica, she'll start working at the Bistro, but she'll be embarrassed when Mary and Dev will sit down at a table there. They will explain that they're only at the Bistro to offer Erica some moral support.

Craig worries about getting fired

Michelle will also encourage Maria to get in touch with Will after discovering his profile on the new dating app. Adam will warn Eva about signing her new office job contract. He wants to check it out first. Craig will admit to Chesney and Sophie that he might get fired from the police force because of the way he obtained the evidence against Neil. This "Corrie" episode will air at 7:30 pm BST on ITV.

Michelle's car is vandalised

The second episode on Monday will air at 8:30 BST and will show Michelle telling Robert about her disappointment regarding her gambling. After gambling at the casino, he will notice that Michelle's car has been vandalised. Robert will ask Luke to fix it before Michelle sees it.

Meanwhile, Summer will cry for her dad. This will make Billy and Todd wish they could fix things up for her. As for Luke, he will offer to cook Alya dinner. Unfortunately, they will be interrupted by Robert who will ask Luke to fix Michelle's car window.

Elsewhere, Bethany will feel terrible when she discovers that Craig is being given his marching orders at the police station. Plus, Aidan will feel jealous when Maria goes on a date with Will, and they meet at The Rovers.

"Coronation Street" episodes air on BBC UKTV in Australia and on UK's ITV Channel on weekdays. Click here to see some photos of the British soap's scenes on Monday.

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