Construction workers find 26-feet python in Malaysia, the longest snake ever captured

By @vitthernandez on
Malaysian Python 1
The snake died three days later after giving birth. Malaysia Civil Defence Force/Herme Herisyam

While Florida just concludes its 2016 Python Challenge at the end of February, in Malaysia, construction workers found a reticulated python curled under a tree on a building site for a new flyover. The location is in Paya Terubong where the holiday destination-island of Penang could be found.

The snake is believed to be the longest ever captured. When the python was initially measured, it was found to be over 26 feet or eight metres, reports The Telegraph. To show how long the python is, the Civil Defence Force staff, who were called to capture the snake, posed for photos.

Malaysian Python 2 Construction workers and members of Malaysia’s civil defence force pose with the python.  Malaysia Civil Defence Force/Herme Herisyam

It took them 30 minutes to capture the reptile which died on Sunday after it gave birth, according to Herme Herisyam, operations chief of the Civil Defence Department’s southwest district in Penang. Until the discovery of the python in Malaysia, the record was held by Medusa, a reticulated python on Missouri which is 25 feet long when fully extended, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

A civil defence official says the reptile’s capture and the attention it got likely worsened the stress of laying an egg. After it laid one egg, the pithing became “quiet,” according to Muhammad Aizat, reports BBC.

Malaysian Python 3 The Malaysian snake is currently being held at the civil defence headquarters but will be handed to the state wildlife department.  Malaysia Civil Defence Force/Herme Herisyam

Medusa, on display at “The Edge of Hell Haunted House” in Kansas City, weighs only 158 kilogrammes, while the Penang python weighs 250 kilogrammes. However, Guinness needs to confirm the measurements provided by Penang authorities, reports Gizmodo.