Clash Royale
"Clash Royale" May update brings more Gold for better grind. Supercell

Information about the upcoming “Clash Royale” update was leaked. The leaked information offers balance changes as well as Arena adjustments, scheduled to unfold on March 24. Arena adjustments may change the amount of Gold coins and Gems that the players would gain in the game.

According to recently leaked information, there will be card balancing changes on the March 24. The cards that are included in the changes are Lumberjack, Barbarian Hut, Guards, Ice Wizard, Dark Prince, Inferno Dragon, Bomb Tower, Battle Ram, Tesla and The Executioner.

The Lumberjack, a Legendary Card, will have a six percent increase in hitpoints. On top of this, the hit speed was also lowered from 0.7 seconds to 0.6 seconds. This means that the Lumberjack will be able to defeat opposing troops faster.

The next is the Dart Goblin. This card’s hit speed will be lowered from 0.7 seconds to 0.6 seconds. It will release darts faster. On the other hand, there is the Barbarian Hut. It will also be improved with an eight percent increase in hitpoints and increased duration from one minute to one minute and 10 seconds.

The Guards have not been updated in a while, much like the other cards. However, in the possible upcoming update, the Guards will have a four percent hitpoints increase as well as a six percent damage increase.

Another Legendary Card will be involved in the card balancing changes. This is the Ice Wizard which will have a damage increase of six percent. The Dark Prince’s range will increase by 20 percent. The Inferno Dragon has a tile range of four, but it will be increased to 4.5 tiles. Instead of a 0.4-second re-target speed, the changes will make it a 0.3 seconds speed.

The Executioner will have the stun bug removed thus making it easy for people to defeat this card from a distance. The Bomb Tower will have an increased range, but a reduced duration. The Battle Ram will have an eight percent increase in hitpoints and also an increase in damage dealt by 10 percent.

It was previously mentioned that a similar card balancing change will be released by March 2 or March 5. However, since the dates have passed, it is evident that the card changes have not been released. With the new information that came up, the changes may come on March 24 as a Supercell employee did say that there will be a month-long celebration.

Beyond the card balancing update, an Arena adjustment will also take place, according to a Reddit post. Apparently, the legend trophies will be removed. However, there will be some compensation for it as for every 20 legendary trophies a player has, they will receive 1 gem.