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More recent leaks have given a sneak peek at the possible game adjustments and more special events the Supercell developers are looking to add in the “Clash Royale” game. There are a lot of surprises and gold coins to receive in the upcoming game update. On top of this, the leaked button that has been floating around may also have its debut in the upcoming update.

According to a leak, there will be numerous game adjustments in play for March. In the leak provided, from March 17 until April 17, players will be able to enjoy double gold coins. This can be redeemed 20 times a day. Another notable change in the game is the renaming of the Goblin Hut to Spear Goblin Hut. Many fans suggest that this may be an indication that a Goblin Hut filled with Goblins could come in play in future.

Beyond the upcoming double gold coin win and the renaming of the Goblin Hut, the card store will offer epic cards at a discount, indefinitely. From 1,000 gold coins, the Epic cards will now cost 800 gold coins. This will apparently allow players to buy more Epic cards and upgrade more quickly.

The Clan Chest also gets an adjustment as it will be moved to Friday to Monday instead of the usual Sunday to Thursday. Furthermore, Clan members will apparently be able to choose the Clan Chest level they would be able to attain. The information given in the leak was that Clan Chests will be separated into four categories: 20, 15, 10 and 5. These will require 4150 crowns, 3150 crowns, 1600 crowns and 550 crowns, respectively. The higher the level of the Clan Chest chosen, the more rewards to be given to the clan.

Beyond the game adjustments, there will also be special events in play for the March 2017 update. There are two challenges which are Three Bridge Challenges and Team Challenge. There have been leaks that the developers have been testing a three bridge arena.

However, it seems that players will be able to experience this three bridge arena through a special event. This challenge will apparently be released on March 17. The three bridge arena will include a bridge in the middle of the two already existing bridges in the arena. This challenge will be from March 17 to March 20.

Another special event is the Team Challenge that will start on March 31. This will allow two team members to work side by side to attack another opposing team. The Team Challenge will be offered into two events: one is Classic while the other is Grand. Take these details with a grain of salt as there is no official word from the developers yet.