Clash of Clans
The Supercell game "Clash of Clans" welcome screen is seen on a phone June 16, 2016. Reuters/Thomas White

If reports are to be believed, “Clash of Clans” Halloween update has been leaked. The leak has revealed information on new decorations, shipwreck and much more. The leaked “Clash of Clans” update consist of various in-game items and files also shows upcoming content for future updates and other events. (Latest story: Mysterious boat arrives, players hope for new game modes.)

As per The Bitbag, some highly interesting details surfaced online pointing towards reparable ships in “Clash of Clans” game. From the shipwreck photo that was leaked, it is believed that players will have to repair the ship to gather Gold. The image shows a wrecked ship and a fully-repaired one together.

This image has spurred the curiosity of players as up to now as ships did not play any major role in “Clash of Clans.” Some players believe that Supercell is trying to import the “Boom Beach” submarine experience in the “Clash of Clans” game although the ships in the photo leaked do not resemble battleships.

Players at this point can only wait for Supercell to release official details on the update. Another “Clash of Clans” update is about Halloween Pumpkins and if players want to decorate their village now is a good time start designing the layout. Other leaked content for Supercell’s Red Event are a Red Barbarian King, Red Archer Queen and a Barbarian King Statue costing 500 Gold.

Of course, all these are mere speculations at this stage and until the developer of “Clash of Clans” announces details of the major update, rumours and speculations will keep surfacing on the Internet. Features such as stronger Air Sweeper and new Air Defence are unknown currently.

Redditors are speculating vigorously on the leaked details. The new looks of the Hog Rider and Golem are being speculated along with the mysterious “village” file.

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