Clash of Clans New Broken Boat
Chief, you got a broken boat! Supercell

The latest “Clash of Clans” mystery from developer Supercell arrived on May 3 with a broken boat and a video teaser, which has so far attracted over 17 million views on YouTube. On Reddit, players have been talking about a second village and a possible night mode in relation to the anticipated release of an update.

Redditors started talking about this image days before the mysterious boat appeared in player villages. Redditor MasterQNA says that the seemingly legit teaser from China can be translated to "second village, night world of extreme speed." It further says, "unprecedented huge update."

The translation has since been upheld, becoming the centre of discussion. Redditors are throwing in speculations about a possible multi-village support and/or a new night mode. Meanwhile, Supercell has not yet released official details. The video teaser is barely enough for the excited players.

The “huge update” may involve sailing to what could be a clan village or an uninhabited island. The so-called high speed could pertain to the time it takes for clan warriors to recharge. As for night mode, it could mean new nocturnal troops. These are all speculations, however, from Reddit and social media comments.

Now, how will the players fix the broken boat? Can new players participate in the new arc? Answers are expected to arrive soon. For now, the video teaser would have to suffice.

The teaser features a barbarian, a hog rider, a wizard and a pig in a rather pensive mood. They talk about what’s on the other side of the sea. This seems to hint that players will be getting on a boat to explore the Supercell game in a new way.

“Find out what’s beyond your shores,” says the new teaser from “Clash of Clans.” Players who have not loaded the game before May 3 have yet to see the boat on their virtual coastal village. Clicking on the boat opens a pop-up window that leads to a YouTube video. Watch it below.