Four new cards to be released soon.

The first new card that will be release in “Clash Royale” is the Legendary Bandit. Three more cards will be released every two weeks after the Legendary Bandit has been released.

The Legendary Bandit was recently available through a special event. The event allowed players in Arena 8 and above to have access to the Legendary Bandit card a week before its official release. The card's official release is pegged for March 24. The Bandit is a great and fast card. It dashes to opposing troops with a range of four tiles. If the Bandit uses dash, it will not be affected by the opposing troops, and it also deals a great deal of damage.

The Bandit card can live through one hit from a Mini P.E.K.K.A or a P.E.K.K.A because she has 750 hitpoints at level one. However, she is very vulnerable to Lightning and can be killed easily by it. She can also survive one hit of a Fireball. With the use of the Log together with the Fireball, she can easily be defeated.


There will be five Bats deployed when using this card. It has the same stats as a Skeletons card and will only cost players two Elixirs. However, the Bats target both air and ground troops, which can be used as a cheap distraction in some opposing decks. Since the hitpoints of the Bats are low, they are susceptible to being defeated by Archers, Witch and the Ice Golem’s death nova. Also, Hound Babies and Zap can easily defeat the Bats with one hit.

It takes two attacks from a Spear Goblin to kill one Bat. However, Bats are very fast. They move as fast as Goblins. The Bats can be used best in defence as long as the opponent does not have Zap available.

Night Witch

The Night Witch is another Legendary card that will be introduced into the game soon. This card offers a tank version of the Witch as it offers 750 hitpoints. Similar to the Bandit, this Legendary card can also receive one hit from a Mini P.E.K.K.A or a P.E.K.K.A and survive. It is also a melee card and only attacks ground troops. However, the Night Witch releases Bats instead of Skeletons.

More Bats will also be summoned once the Night Witch dies. As of writing, it is unknown how many Bats will be deployed from the Night Witch after she has died. However, it is speculated that she will be deploying two Bats every five seconds while she is alive, according to Clash Royale Arena.

This card costs four Elixirs. Similar to the Bandit, it is vulnerable to a Fireball and Log combo as well as Lightning. She can also help bring down the Wizard, Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, Witch and Musketeer to a sliver of health with just two strikes.

Heal spell

The Heal spell costs three Elixirs to be casted. This card will allow players to heal their troops over the course of time the spell is cast. At Level 7, the Heal spell can heal troops with 176 health points per second. It also has a duration of three seconds. This means that it will heal troops a total of 528 health points. It also does not affect buildings.

This card also offers a big radius of three tiles. It is the same radius as the Clone spell and the Freeze spell. As of the time of writing, there is no gameplay available yet for this card. Therefore, it is best to wait until the card is released.