Four new cards to be released soon.

“Clash Royale” developers have sent out three sneak peeks with four new cards, one new arena and Clan Battle. The first sneak peek that the developers gave in their official blog was the new game mode. This game mode had everyone hunting for some time as fans were given tiny clues as to what the new mode will be.

However, it is now called Clan Battle. This new mode will allow clan mates to battle side-by-side against another pair from another clan. There will be a special event that will be released on March 24 for this new mode. Furthermore, it was mentioned in their official podcast that this game mode will only be available every other week.

Four new cards

The developers of “Clash Royale” have now come out with four new cards. These four new cards are Night Witch, Bats, Heal and Bandit. The Night Witch and Bandit are both legendary cards, while Bats is a common card. Heal, on the other hand, is a rare card.

While the Bandit is a legendary card, players will be able to get a taste of how to use this card. There will be a Draft Challenge on March 17. If a player gets 12 wins in the draft challenge, they will be able to receive the Legendary Bandit. However, it will officially be released on March 24. So, players can take advantage of grabbing the Bandit card before March 24.

The other big player is the legendary Night Witch. It is similar to the Witch card, but it releases Bats instead of Skeletons. The Bats will also be released 2.5 seconds faster compared to the Witch’s Skeletons.

On the other hand, Heal card will heal the troops within a three tile radius. At level seven, this card can heal troops by 176 per second with a duration of three seconds. The last card, the Bats, is similar to the Skeletons as they have the same hitpoints. However, the difference is they can fly and only costs two elixirs to deploy.

New arena

The last sneak peek the developers left the players is a new arena. This arena will be called the Hog Mountain. It will be the tenth arena, and the Legendary Arena will now be Arena 11. Since the Legendary Arena is moved up, it will require players to have 3800+ trophies instead of 3000+ trophies.

It is unknown when some of these "Clash Royal" game updates will be released. However, it gives players a great idea of the big changes that will come to the game soon.