Four new cards to be released soon.

One of the four new “Clash Royale” cards will be released soon. An upcoming special event challenge will allow players to get this card week before its release.

Recently, four “Clash Royale” cards were revealed through a sneak peek on their blog. They also mentioned that there will be a Bandit Draft Challenge. This draft challenge is a special event wherein players can use the Bandit card. Since this is a special event, players will have one free entry. In the succeeding tries, the player will have to pay 10 gems, the premium in-game currency, to enter.

What is the Bandit card

The Bandit is a Legendary Card that is pegged for official release on March 24. It is one of the first cards to be released of the four that were mentioned. According to its card description, the Bandit will be able to dash at an opposing troop or troops and deliver a great deal of damage. The best part about this card is while the Bandit is dashing, she cannot be touched or receive damage.

At Level 1, the Bandit has 750 hitpoints. This is quite a lot of damage compared to the Princess that would die with just an arrive. If the Bandit does not dash, it will be only able to deal 160 damage. However, if it dashes, the Bandit will be able to deal at least 320 damage.

This card only targets ground troops, so its weakness comes from air troops. On the other hand, if there are other opposing ground troops, it will be able to dash to clash with the opponent. This may increase the possibility of being unharmed. It has a dash range of four to six tiles, which means she can move fast across the arena.

The Bandit also has a deploy time and hit speed of one second, which is considerably fast. The best part about this troop is the Elixir usage. It will only cost three Elixirs to deploy this card.

What is the Bandit Draft Challenge

As it was mentioned earlier, the Bandit will be officially released on March 24. However, the Bandit Draft Challenge will be released on Friday, March 17. It is similar to the usual Draft Challenge. However, both the player and the opponent will be using the Bandit while they both pick out seven other cards to complete the deck.

In the Draft Challenge, players are advised to grab 12 wins before getting three losses. After three losses, the player will have to start all over again and pay a fee to enter. However, if a player reaches 12 wins, the player will be able to obtain the Legendary Bandit a week ahead of time.