Chuck Zito Apologises For Offensive Comment On Christy Mack Beating

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"Sons of Anarchy" star Chuck Zito reportedly suggested it is okay to beat a woman, especially if she is caught cheating on her man.

Bustle claims that in a video interview by TMZ, the actor reportedly said he would also beat his girlfriend if he ever found out she was cheating on him. His reply seems to suggest that what War Machine brutally did to pornstar Christy Mack was acceptable. Chuck Zito even peppered his statement by hitting his hand with his fist.

The video created a stir on social media, according to bloody elbow. The site reports the former president of the New York chapter of Hell's Angels cleaned up the mess he created by issuing an apology, again via TMZ. However, his "apology" was said to have been done in the worst way possible and leaves much to be desired, said Bustle writer Maitri Mehta who posted his statement online.

The actor said he recalled saying it wasn't his or anyone's business what Christy Mack and War Machine did. He claimed his personal feelings were also involved on his initial statement, when he said that if he caught his wife or girlfriend "bangin" some other guy, then he'd probably beat her, too.

"I want to personally apologize to all the women out there who I might've offended with that statement," he said on his video apology.

Chuck Zito then showed support for all the women population by saying that "if anybody ever touched them, let alone beat them" and then he "would probably kill that guy." The actor claimed he would personally come to any woman's defense if he sees a guy beating her. He further noted that despite any circumstances, no woman deserves to be beaten by any man.

However, the actor reportedly turned the tables to make him look like the victim. According to bloody elbow, Zito pointed out comments made by social media haters that he deserved to have the cancer he was previously diagnosed with. The actor lashed back by saying that no one in this world deserves to have cancer. The actor also claimed he would never agree to domestic violence. He reportedly attributed himself to be someone who is honourable, loyal and respectful.

According to Bustle, Chuck Zito is leaving social media following the hateful comments he received on Twitter for his statement.

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