Chris Hemsworth says he supports Jennifer Lawrence’s pursuit of pay equality in Hollywood. The popular actor who plays “Thor,” a demigod from another world, made his statement on the black carpet at a Sydney charity event where his latest movie “In the Heart of the Sea” was screened.

“There is a change occurring that’s positive and exciting and I’m all for it,” Hemsworth said, Yahoo reports.

Sony’s email hacks revealed to the world that male stars are paid significantly more than their female counterparts. “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence was upset with the disparity in pay and later wrote an essay on the subject for an online newsletter by Lena Dunham, Lenny.

“I saw the payroll on the internet and realised every man I was working with definitely didn’t worry about being difficult or spoilt,” Lawrence wrote, Telegraph reports.

Lawrence was upset with this pay inequality and regretted that earlier she once mentioned how she stayed away from pay negotiations to avoid looking “spoilt” or “difficult.”

When Hemsworth was asked to comment on the matter, he was gentleman enough to say that he would be willing to disclose his pay to female co-stars, but would never make it public.

Chris Hemsworth was crowned People's “Sexiest Man Alive” 12 months ago but this year fashion icon and former football superstar David Beckham took away the title from him.

In a tweet, Hemsworth mentioned that David Beckham has dreamy eyes and cool tattoos.

Hemsworth’s humorous tweet came after “The Huntsman” co-star Jessica Chastain tweeted to the “Thor” actor, “ Oh must be devastated. I know how much this title meant to you #thehuntsman ” along with People’s cover featuring David Beckham.

However, this dethroning of Hemsworth has not in any way demoralised fans. In fact, it has added to his popularity.

Sky News Australia recently reported that a Sydney charity auction for the Australian Childhood Foundation has raised $50,000 for a dinner with Chris Hemsworth, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Liberal Deputy Leader Julie Bishop.

The auction was held after Hemsworth’s special preview screening of upcoming film “In the Heart of the Sea.”

The movie premiers in Australia on Dec. 3, 2015.

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