Canadian singer Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil
Canadian singer Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil. Reuters/Mathieu Belanger

Celine Dion is one strong woman when it comes to tackling life and its difficulties. The Canadian singer's husband Rene Angelil, who is battling cancer, is in a “stable” condition, the singer said on “Good Morning America” but she is still very scared of her future.

“He’s doing great. He’s stable,” Dion said about Angelil's health, according to Las Vegas Sun. The Caesars Palace headliner appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” live from the Colosseum on its “40 for 40” anniversary marathon, where 40 stars were interviewed over 40 hours. During the interview, the songstress also reflected upon how her husband and her three children are her pillar of strength during the difficult times.

“I’ve been very amazed all my life about my husband. That’s why I married him,” Dion said, who has made a comeback at the Las Vegas show. The singer then dwelled upon why she was attracted to her husband and how he appeared to be a very strong person, even when he fell sick.

“To see him, how strong he is, I knew I was his favourite singer, I knew he was the best manager, I knew he was very smart, I knew he was handsome, I knew it all, but when sickness is imposed to you, and they show you on a daily basis how strong they are because they respect that there’s no yesterday and there’s no tomorrow; today is the only day that’s important and you make the best of it.”

Dion said she respects her husband even more after his cancer battle. “I was in love with him the first day, and today I find the strength and I look at him and I learn so much from him.” She also talked about how performing on stage helps her release her stress as she does not want to go back to her husband in a stressful mood. But the difficulties sometimes bog her down and Dion added that she is very scared sometimes.

“I’m scared for me, I’m scared for him, I’m scared for our children. I’m scared for us.”

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