Canadian couple super fans of 'The Simpsons;' recreate purple kitchen in home [Photos]

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A couple in Canada admitted to being such huge fans of “The Simpsons” that they decided to recreate their kitchen to resemble the one in the popular TV show.  The Huffington Post reports that Joel Hamilton and Marcia Andreychuk have been transforming their kitchen into the same one that Homer and Marge Simpson have. The Canadian couple live in southeast Calgary and admitted how much they love watching the cartoon family through the years.

"It's not a renovation. It's a retrovation. I don't like those gutted, new, modular, everybody-has-them kitchens. I like the colour. I love the style. It just delights us,” said Marcia in the Huffington Post report.

Based on the images, the cupboards and counters look just like the ones on the cartoon show. The couple even managed to copy the blue and white checkered floor, the green stove, blue countertops and corncob curtains over the sink that the Simpsons have in their purple kitchen. The lower cabinets and drawers already have the distinct purple tone and blue knobs.

Andreychuk shared that she got the curtains after ordering these from a website that allows clients to upload any image to print on the material. She said that she used contact paper, which is the same as a shelf liner, to properly colour her countertops, drawers, cabinets, stove and refrigerator.

Renovations reportedly started in the beginning of 2015 and the couple’s purple kitchen is still undergoing more changes. Currently, they are aiming to get pricey avocado green appliances and an orange slimline telephone. The couple aims for the finished kitchen to resemble the original design as much as possible. They also joked that once they are done with the kitchen, they will be moving on to other parts of the house, based on the same Huffington Post report.

Andreychuk said that her partner immediately loved the idea when she proposed to update their kitchen into the same one on “The Simpsons.” Joel said that he loved the show right after he watched the first episode.

"I was the one raised into it. I didn't have a choice. At the age I was at and the impressionable state I was at, I automatically was given into the Simpsons cult,” said Hamilton.

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Recreating The Simpsons kitchen

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