Burning Kiss
A stil from Australian film "Burning Kiss." Burning Kiss

The first trailer of Aussie movie “Burning Kiss” has been released online. The film has been described as an Australian noir thriller, and it will premiere at Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow Perth in October. The film will be shown on the closing night of the festival.

The trailer [see below] teases the plot to be about a detective father is search of the man who killed his wife in a road accident. The story is essentially about the relationship between a father and daughter.

The film is by Devilworks, which is known for Genre films. “We are thrilled to be onboard, ‘Burning Kiss’ is an artistic, bold and down right gritty tale, told through a colourful noir lens,’’ said Samantha Richardson, President at Devilworks.

A press release about the film suggest that it is “packed with special effects.” According to the official synopsis, the movie “tells the story of the arrival of a mysterious and dark stranger, who ignites an inferno of secrets, murder and guilt between a father and daughter.”

“Burning Kiss” has been written and directed by Robbie Studsor. The film stars Liam Graham (Hounds of Love, OtherLife) and Alyson Walker (Selfie From Hell).

The trailer promises dark dreams and visions, as the father goes on the search for a killer, putting together clues. There is also a lot of sex and action featured in the film. Some of the more colourful scenes makes the movie stand out from the more gritty thrillers.

One of the interesting scenes in the trailer is the presence of a Great white shark, which can be seen swimming in a small pool inside a house. A couple can be seen watching it while having a drink.

Australian movie market is very small compared to the US, but movies like “Burning Kiss” prove that there is a lot of Aussie talent out there waiting to be discovered.

Credit: October Coast/ YouTube