'Bullet' UFO spotted over Turkey? [VIDEO]

By @Len_IBTimes on

A video clip of a bullet-shaped UFO was uploaded on Tuesday to YouTube, but viewers are left to interpret the filmed sighting, as the uploader did not post a description.

The clip's first frame hinted the location could be somewhere in the woods, or a remote area. The camera holder then looked up the sky, and the strange-looking flying object was seen. Aside from its unusual shape, the UFOs chemtrail also puzzled viewers.

The title of the clip is written in Turkish characters. But there is no absolutely certainty that the video was taken in Turkey.

However, a glance at the flying object would show a really unusual shape of an aircraft. The stream of vapor smoke it left on its trail made the sighting even more peculiar.

"But one look at the object is enough to say that it is unlike any airplane, jet or helicopter ever filmed before," Examiner.com reported.

Unfortunately, no one could get a closer look on the silver-colored subject. Zooming in would only break the image because it requires a cutting-edge camera for film viewing.

Without distinct wings, rotor blades, and flashing navigational lights, the "bullet video" shows nothing less than a legitimate unidentified flying object.

It seemed the aircraft was being propelled by some kind of an engine. As to the manner of flight operation, it seemed there is an entirely different method for the bullet UFO.

No explanation has come up on the bullet UFO just yet. Are the aliens on to some 'Earthling' things?

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