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Actor Michael Weatherly from the TV series " Bull " attends the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco, June 18, 2017. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

"Bull" TV series, starring Michael Weatherly (Dr Jason Bull), Geneva Carr (Marissa Morgan), Annabelle Attanasio (Cable McCrory), and Freddy Rodriguez (Benny Colón), will have a new episode titled "Survival Instincts." which will air in the US on Jan. 2, 2018. It will show Bull trying to defend a teenager named Jemma Whitbeck (Chloe Levine) who got arrested for robbing a jewellery store with an older man.

Spoiler Alert: This update has more 'Bull' spoilers. Read on only if you want to know more about 'Survival Instincts.'

According to a press release from CBS, "Bull" season 2, episode 11 will feature Dr Bull helping out a teenager who was arrested for a jewellery store robbery. An older man that she disappeared with 18 months ago was her accomplice. However, Bull will try to persuade the jury by arguing that Jemma was not really a willing accomplice. Instead, she was manipulated into doing the crime and is also a victim of his abuse. Dennis Smith directed the episode, which was written by Pamela Weschler.

'Survival Instincts' stars

Lauran Spencer (Jemma's Friend), Chloe Levine (Jemma Whitbeck), Malikha Mallette (Reporter), Patrick Cann (Guard), Jonathan Tchaikovsky (Ryan Macera), Marin Ireland (Maya Whitbeck), Christopher Harrod (Juror #4), Shannon Moore (Juror #5), Vishaal Reddy (Juror #6), John Bermudez (Police Officer) and Nadia Dajani (Thalia Macera), will be guest stars in this episode. They will be joined by other actors and actresses such as Chester Jones III (Jeb Rooney), Amy Hohn (Judge Volk), Florence Regina (Jury Foreman), Franca Vercelloni (Juror #2), Jo Young (Juror #3), Ron Canada (Judge Miles Skurnick), Matthew Humphreys (ADA Pappas), Dave T. Koenig (Simon), Maryann Towne (Colleen Dworkin) and Satchel Eden Bel (Cassie Williams). The other "Bull" cast members will also appear alongside them including Christopher Jackson (Chunk Palmer) and Jamie Lee Kirchner (Danny James).

'Bull' episodes: 'Home for the Holidays' and 'Grey Areas'

The episode before "Survival Instincts" was "Home for the Holidays," which aired in the US on Dec. 12. It showed Bull getting appointed as a guardian of a 9-year old girl. Plus, his team had to deal with a case that involved rival cellular phone companies. Meanwhile, Marissa asked Danny and Cable to help her look into Kyle (Gary Wilmes), aka Robert Allen the con man. It was written by Sarah Kucserka and Veronica West. Mike Smith directed the episode. After "Survival Instincts," the episode titled "Grey Areas" will be aired on CBS on Jan. 9, 2018.

"Bull" TV show airs on Sundays at 7:30 pm in Australia on TEN. In the US, it airs on Tuesdays at 9-10 pm ET/PT on CBS. Stay tuned for more "Bull" spoilers 2018.