Violence Against Women
Demonstrators attend a protest against rape and violence against women in Brasilia, Brazil, May 29, 2016. Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino

Queensland GP Muhammad Azam had sex with a vulnerable patient in June 2011, barely two months after he inappropriately touched and tried to kiss another female patient. The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal has confirmed this week that his practitioner registration will be cancelled effective immediately and that he would be disqualified from reapplying for another four years.

Azam has also been held for hiring private investigator Keith Schafferius to force the patient, whom he had sex with, to retract her complaint against him. The Tribunal has proven seven allegations against him by the Medical Board of Australia. It has been found that Azam was responsible for intimidating and harassing behaviour, and that he failed to maintain professional boundaries. He also falsified a chaperone register, thereby breaching chaperone conditions. Azam has denied all of the allegations against him.

“Dr. Azam’s conduct in relation to both (patients) should be considered predatory in nature. His behaviour during the consultations was clearly grooming both patients for something more,” Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal deputy president Judge Suzanne Sheridan said in a June 19 decision, reports The Courier Mail.

Azam reportedly harassed the patient by going to her home and her children’s school. He has been charged with stalking and was slapped with a restraining order. Before the sexual act with the patient at Daisy Hill Conservation Park, Azam had previously tried to kiss her in his consultation room. After the following appointment, the doctor drove her to the park, where he pulled her tights down and had intercourse with her. After the act, Azam paid her $300 in cash.

Both women assaulted by Azam reportedly suffered from mental health problems. The woman whom he had intercourse with reportedly revceived anonymous letters asking for her signature on the doctor’s registration authority. The letters stated that she had falsely accused Azam.

Another former female patient told the tribunal that when she broke down in his consultation because she was upset, Azam hugged her and rubbed his hand upwards towards her breasts. The patient reported him to the police the next day.

Private investigator Schafferius admitted to drafting the letter on Azam’s instructions but denied delivering it. He even visited the woman, posing as “Kevin,” the father of a daughter, who had also been inappropriately touched by Azam. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the case.