Simply put, the BlackBerry Priv is a BlackBerry on Android(s). Whether Android will be to BlackBerry what steroids are to some athletes remains to be seen. Priv could either bulk-up BlackBerry sales or blow-up in BlackBerry’s face.

We’ll know soon enough but for the time being, here are five reasons why Priv might be the best Android business smartphone out there.

A distinctive BlackBerry flavour

Although BlackBerry will have Android as the underlying OS, it hasn’t forgotten its BB10 roots. BlackBerry Priv has a number of features popular on its previous handsets. It was packed with features such as the BlackBerry Hub, default encryption, the BB calendar and BB messaging.

The BlackBerry content transfer app which was appreciated by many makes it easy to move from your existing smartphone to the Priv. Albeit BlackBerry Priv runs on Android, but a distinctive BlackBerry 10 flavour is still found with BlackBerry' persistent commitment to security.

A familiar Android

Blackberry dumped its own OS and made the Android move because of Android’s huge market share. The fact is Android is better than BB10. But both OSes have their own pros and cons.

As part of the Android system, BlackBerry users will receive all the Android updates, including the upcoming Android 6.0, Marshmallow. It also includes Google Play Store, Maps and a plethora of other applications which have been default on Android for years. And users can still install their own apps.

Monthly security updates

BlackBerry will be the first mainstream Android smartphone to offer monthly security updates. It will also offer hotfix patching and enterprise-managed updates.

Break the stereotype by Keyboard

After HTC Desire Z, BlackBerry Priv is the only mainstream Android smartphone that has a physical keyboard, inherited from the BB10 range.

BlackBerry users can use the entire screen for work while the keyboard at the bottom permits faster typing.

A stunning look

Priv has a stunning look and BlackBerry didn't pull any punches on the hardware specs for the phone. It comes with extras like a larger battery, a microSD card slot and an 18 MP camera resolution with a Schneider-Kreuznach certificate.

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