'Black Sails'
A picture of actor Luke Arrnold as Long John Silver in Starz TV series "Black Sails." Facebook/ Black Sails

A preview video of “Black Sails” season 4 episode 4 has been released online. The video shows Long John Silver slowly stepping into the role of the pirate king of Nassau. The next episode promises more action, as the pirates resist the British on two fronts.

The following article contains spoilers from the next episode of the popular Starz TV series. Fans who do not wish to know what happens next on the show are advised to stop here.

Long John Silver (Luke Arnold) has finally arrived on Nassau. In the preview video of the next episode [see below] the pirate can be seen explain to someone that a thousand men await his arrival, and he rhetorically asks to guess what will happen next. Eleanor (Hannah New) had the foresight to shift supplies to the fort and make preparations in the previous episode. However, even she will be in some exiting actions scenes.

Meanwhile, there may be yet another leadership crises among the pirates. Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) considers Long John Silver to be his friend, but the one-legged pirate may soon be in a position to take over the reins of the movement. Will Flint just stand aside in “Black Sails” season 4 episode 4?

While there will be fighting on the streets of Nassau in the next episode, there will be more fighting on the sea. The pirates who were forced to surrender to Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) previously, appear to be rising up against their captors.

Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson) died a memorable death, but the brutality of his death and the pirate’s relentless defiance of the British may have inspired his comrades to fight once more. Faced with a similar death in the hands of Rogers and his soldiers, the pirates may decide to rather die fighting.

A video [see below] of the makeup crew preparing Stevenson for the death scene has been posted online. The actor had to sit through the long process of adding prosthetics for the scene, but there was also a stunt double who filmed the scene of being dragged against the base of the boat underwater.

“Black Sails” season 4 episode 4 will explore the consequence of Blackbeard’s death. The episode promises to be yet another gripping chapter of the pirates’ fight against the British over control of Nassau. It will be interesting to see how Long John Silver’s approach will be different than Flint.

Credit: Facebook/ Black Sails