Black Mirror
"Black Mirror," Netflix's technology-fueled original series, has been confirmed for a fourth season. Facebook/Black Mirror

“Black Mirror” is one of Netflix’s most successful original series, which plays on how the rise of technology and its development can have a dark and ironic effect on modern day society. The series has received quite a following, and creator Charlie Brooker has pulled back the curtains on the upcoming fourth season.

"When we did previous seasons, we realised after we'd done the first two that basically each one was a slightly different genre, and we actively approached the first Netflix season like that,” Brooker explained to The Telegraph. “We're carrying that forward [into season four], so we've got some strikingly different tones and looks.”

The TV writer discussed how he would work in the effects of the US elections. He explained that, on premise, “Black Mirror” tries to see what kind of place humans will be in within the next six months of developments. “That’s either going to be disgrace or war as far as I’m concerned,” he said of the aftermaths of Donald Trump’s presidency. “That genuinely frightens the s--- out of me quite a lot.”

He afterwards spoke about a crime thriller that was about to be shot when the interview was conducted in February. Another one is reportedly going to have various kinds of relationships at the heart of it. There will also be an episode that focuses specifically on a mother and daughter pairing. He then shared that one episode will be “overtly comic” in a way that audiences have not seen from the sci-fi series. But he was also quick to say that some unpleasant themes would still be discussed.

Brooker also briefly talked about the episode that Jodie Foster will direct, which he described has having the tone of “an indie movie, an indie drama.” He also shared how it was to be working with Foster, who has also worked on a few episodes of “Orange Is The New Black.” Brooker confirmed that Foster had done a good job directing the episode.

It was reported that some of the upcoming episodes have already begun filming on set. However, some stories that will be showcased in “Black Mirror” season 4 are still being written. The release date is yet to be confirmed, but is expected to be announced within the first half of the year.


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