Netflix will be providing its subscribers with several great movies and TV shows in December 2015. These include “Black Mirror: White Christmas,” which will be streaming on Dec. 25.

Slashfilm notes that Charlie Brooker’s popular sci-fi anthology series features actor Jon Hamm in a show that will certainly ruin Christmas Day for plenty of viewers. The creepy Christmas episode first aired on Channel 4 in Dec. 16, 2014.

Bloody Disgusting reveals that in “Black Mirror: White Christma,s” Joe Potter (Rafe Spall; “Prometheus”) and Matt Trent (Jon Hamm; “Mad Men”) work at a small isolated outpost at the center of a snowy wilderness. Joe wakes up on Christmas Day and sees Matt cooking Christmas dinner, with a holiday tune playing on the radio.

Matt attempts to have Joe share his reason for taking the job at the outpost, which the two never talked about in the five years that they have worked together. Joe is hesitant to share any detail and instead questions Matt on why he chose to work at the remote location. Matt obliges, and the two then start sharing creepy stories as they eat their Christmas meal.

The trailer, which lasts 40 seconds, starts with the question, “What do you want for Christmas?” Hamm is shown having a meal with someone. Next, he is giving advice to a man who wanted to get a kiss from a girl he likes.

The following scene asks whether a little peace and quiet was someone’s wish for Christmas, followed by a man and a woman arguing. The next question was, “A perfect life?” The situations improved each time as people had their wishes granted. However, a warning followed, stating that people should be careful what they wish for. Things are expected to turn for the worse as the characters make their wish and have them granted, but with corresponding consequences.

Other cast members of "Black Mirror: White Christmas" include Oona Chaplin, Natalia Tena, Janet Montgomery, Rasmus Hardiker, Dan Li, Ken Drury, Zahra Ahmadi and more. The episode was well-received by viewers. It was described by critics as witty and thrilling with a real-world sting. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 95 percent rating.

Watch the trailer for “Black Mirror: White Christmas”:

Source: YouTube/Channel 4

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