Big Hero 6
"Big Hero 6" sequel is rumoured to be released in 2017. Facebook/Big Hero 6

“Big Hero 6” TV series is currently on air. Scott Adsit has leant his voice to the character Baymax once again. In a recent interview, Adsit talked about working on the project and creating the character.

In an interview with Collider, Adsit revealed that there were hints about the possibility of a TV series just one year after the premiere of the 2014 movie. The movie had already hinted at what the future stories of the character would be, and it set up the TV series well for the fans.

Adsit was initially concerned that a TV series could “defuse” the impact of the movie. But, he has only nice things to say after reading the scripts. The actor pointed out that the writers were able to “take the heart and the humour” of the story and make a series out of it, without making the plot focussed mainly on the grief.

When it comes to the voice of Baymax, Adsit teased details about how he worked on his voice, based on the personality of the character. The actor pointed out that Baymax is a benign and friendly character who wants to help others. So, Adsit chose the most benign version of his voice and mixed it with “a bit of an automatic phone system voice” to create the character.

While Baymax is the same one seen in the movie, there were a few things different about the character in the TV series. Adsit revealed that they experimented with the way the character communicates. Given the importance of comedy on the show, the fans will find Baymax in some silly situations. The character is still the same, but he will have “odd responses” in certain situations.

The TV series is also an opportunity to explore some of the other characters like Wasabi (Voice by Khary Payton), Honey Lemon (Voice by Genesis Rodriguez), Go Go (Voice by Jamie Chung), and Fred (Voice by Brooks Wheelan), Adsit said.