A poster of "Halloween" film. Halloween/ Facebook

Inspired by John Carpenter’s classic tale, “Halloween” movie brings back Michael Myers (Nick Castle), the murderous villain who was at the centre of the slasher films. Jamie Lee Curtis is reprising her role as Laurie, and she is the main focus on the trailer of the film [see below].

Laurie has been waiting for that day Michael Myers will break free from the mental asylum and come after her. The character managed to survive the killings in the 1978 film with the same name. For decades Laurie has been preparing for the eventual confrontation with the villain, and that finally happens after a bus accident leads to his escape.

For decades Laurie has been waiting for Michael to escape, so she can kill him personally. When that time comes, things don’t turn out the way she planned.

Michael will go on yet another killing spree, and the chilling murder scene in the trailer shows the carnage he will cause before he comes face to face one last time with Laurie. The plot synopsis suggests that this is the “final confrontation” between the two characters, and it remains to be seen who will come out alive after the confrontation.

Carpenter, referred to as the master of horror, is the executive producer of the film and he also served as a creative consultant. Jason Blum has joined the film as a producer. Blum has worked as a producer for films like “The Lazarus Effect,” “Paranormal Activity” and the 2017 flick “Get Out.” The script of the film has been written by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, with Green also serving as the director.

“Halloween” will be released on October 18 in Australia. Some of the other cast members of the film are Judy Greer (Karen Strode),Virginia Gardner (Vicky), Will Patton (Hawkins), and Toby Huss (Ray).

Credit: Universal Pictures/ YouTube