‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 Finale: Jon Pardy Wins ‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 2

By @jenillecristy on

Jon Pardy, the 23-year-old student, won "Big Brother Canada" 2 after getting a total of six votes in the final jury against Sabrina Abbate, 25-year-old hairstylist and make-up artist.

After Heather was evicted, the final 3 Jon, Sabrina and Neda Kalantar, 22-year-old freelance fashion stylist, went head-to-head against each other to play a three part Head of Household (HOH) challenge. Those who win in the first two challenges will play against each other for the third part. Whoever wins the final HOH gets the chance to choose who among the other house guests he will take to the final jury.

Jon, Sabrina and Neda played the HOH intensely. Part one of the challenge was won by Jon. The first person to be out of the game was Neda followed by Sabrina after an hour or two. The part two of HOH, Sabrina and Neda needs to walk across the planks and press the buzzer in the end. Both played good game but Neda won it. The final part of was a Question and Answer trivia between Jon and Neda were Jon won.

Winning the final HOH for this season, Jon got the chance to choose who between Sabrina and Neda he will bring to the Final 2. Despite his Final 2 deal with Neda, Jon chose to bring Sabrina in the jury.

In the jury, Jon and Sabrina tried to convince the jury members that they should won the reality show. The two delivered their speeches wooing the votes of the jury.

The jury composed of the evicted house guests and Canada casted their vote s and revealed Jon as this season of "Big Brother Canada's" winner, 6-1. Arlie, Allison, Adel, Heather, Neda and Canada voted for Jon while Rachelle voted for Sabrina.

During casting of votes, Arlie said that Jon is a beast who did what have to be done. Adel said Wallah to Jon and his famous "Wake up Canada" line. Heather that Jon is the best player of the game and someone she care deeply about. Neda, despite knowing she was backdoored in their Final 2 game, said Jon was the best player and the person who played his game.

Jon as the winner of "Big Brother Canada" 2 brought home a total of $135,000. Meanwhile Sabrina won $20,000.

No announcement for "Big Brother Canada" Season 3 yet.