One Direction boys, gear up for some serious competition. Guess who is back? It's 90s most popular boy band Backstreet Boys, who are readying up their fans for a comeback with a teaser of their new single "Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)." True to the spirit of the song, the boys (now sexy men) are showing off their well chiselled bodies by abandoning their shirts!

The 30-second video teaser, which was posted on the boy band's Vevo link on YouTube, shows most of them wearing tight t-shirts and chains. One look at the clip takes you back to the time when the pop group ruled every teenage girl's heart in the 90s. The Backstreet Boys were the most popular boy band of the 90s which generated hits like "As Long As You Love Me," "Larger Than Life" and "Everybody."

Kevin, Howie, A J, Nick and Brian formed the coveted boy band in 1993 and now, 21 years down the lane, the Backstreet Boys are still together, still going strong. However their peers NSYNC and Jonas Brothers have all broken-up and have moved on with new individual careers (like Justin Timberlake from NSYNC).

The boys still look in good shape physically though some of them are nearly touching their 40s now. Brian has a gorgeous body at 38 years of age and delights his fans with a completely shirtless body in a typical boy band-kind long metal chain hanging from his neck as he croons on "you can show what you're made of!" [SEE VIDEO]

The girl's favourite Nick Carter is now 33 years in age but has an equally good body. He is seen wearing a tight fit black T-shirt which shows off his bulky muscles and sexy chest. A.J. McLean is now 35 but can give some serious competition to anyone in the band with his sexy beard and interesting colourful tattoos. The oldest of them all, Howie Dorough is now 40 and yet has a wonderful body which cannot be hid in a V neck black tee. The sexy Kevin Richardson still has a goatee and looks almost the same as he use to look like in the 90s.

In July 2013, Backstreet Boys released their eighth studio album, "In A World Like This" and are also gearing up for UK and Ireland tour from March 2014. The boy band will perform with All Saints in few of their shows, which have been earmarked for Birmingham, Dublin, Glasgow, London and Manchester in March and April next year.
Backstreet Boys - Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)