The contestants of 'The Bachelor' 2016 with Ben Higgins
All the 28 contestants of "The Bachelor" 2016 pose with Ben Higgins. ABC/The Bachelor

“The Bachelor” moves on to Episode 2 of Season 20, Ben Higgins will take six contestants on a group date on Monday. It will be one of the weirdest dates ever on the reality show. Higgins will take the ladies to a ‘Love Lab’ to test their chemistry. They will have to undergo a test that will mark them on the basis of the odours they give off.

Spoilers ahead, read only if you want to know more:

“We’re going to find out if the odours you give off are attractive to Ben,” the doctor said to the six contestants. In a new sneak peek dropped by ABC, Higgins will be blindfolded and asked to smell each of the six ladies. He will then tell the doctor what he thought of their odours, E Online reports.

Higgins described Olivia as “sweet.” She received the ‘First Impression’ rose during the premiere of “The Bachelor” on Jan. 3, E Online reports. Single mother Amanda emanated a “beachy” smell according to Higgins. Identical twins Emily and Haley were also in the group date.

One of them had a “fruity” smell while the other one had “a little more sour” smell according to “The Bachelor.” Viewers will have to wait till Monday to watch which of the contestants had a “sour” smell.

In due course of Episode 2 of “The Bachelor,” Ben will also be on the receiving end – he will also be put through the same test. The six contestants will also get a chance to smell the 25-year-old software account manager.

“He smells amazing. He smells unreal,” said “The Bachelor” frontrunner Olivia. She teased some interesting details of the new episode, E Online reports. According to Olivia, she had a “strong connection” with Ben.

She added that her game plan for the group date was to focus on “making eye contact and just laughing” with the Bach while on the group date. Meanwhile, in an interview with E Online on Wednesday, Ben said that Olivia was the “hottest girl” on the show.

“The Bachelor” airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.