Janey Birks
"The Bachelor Australia" 2016 contestant Janey Birks poses for a selfie while doing her stint as a children's entertainer. Instagram/littlejaneyjanegerous

It has been quite a while since “The Bachelor Australia” 2016 wrapped up its latest season, but its contestants have continued being in the fans’ radar for various reasons.

There’s Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx, who seems to have confirmed that they’re taking their relationship to a whole new level, at least based on their Instagram photos and captions. Ex-bachelorette Nikki Gogan also became a hot topic this week because of a possible romance brewing between her and “The Bachelorette” contestant Cam Cranley. The two met for the first time when they watched the shows latest season together.

Meanwhile, another “The Bachelor Australia” 2016 alum has caught the interest of social media users. Janey Birks, who made her mark in the reality TV show as the ultimate Disney fangirl, recently reacted to NW magazine’s article on her. The 27-year-old children’s entertainer reckons the publication took a jibe on her, and she wasted no time setting her followers straight.

Janey took to Instagram to share a snapshot of the short write-up, which described her as “so sweet, you’ll probably end up dizzy and in sugar high from watching her.” It called her a “giddy girl,” who has a playful side that could be appealing to Richie. The paragraph’s last part was the thing that became the subject of Janey’s contention. “She’s also smart as a tack,” the magazine wrote.

In the caption, Janey wrote – and has since deleted – the caption: “I absolutely loved this write-up in NW mag, until I realised they called me smart as a tack, because I can think of a few things dumber that a tack… I swear I’m not that stupid.”

Her followers were quick to share their opinion on the matter, noting that the article wasn’t meant to insult Janey. One fan commented, “I think it means you're smart doesn't it? Cos tacs are really sharp?” Another wrote, “I'm pretty sure it's not an insult at all, as it continues on that you had clever ways to get extra time with Richie?” A fan also reckoned that the magazine just used a wrong analogy. “They are definitely saying you're smart but you're right, they should have said 'sharp as a tac,'” she noted.

Janey seems to have listened to her fans. Her original caption cannot be found anymore. Instead, she wrote in the comments section, “After careful consideration I fully agree with this article and all that is implied.”

Janey, a self-proclaimed fairy tale lover, is still looking for her own happy ending after being booted off “The Bachelor Australia” 2016. The show’s star, Richie Strahan, chose single mum Alex Nation in a dramatic finale in September.