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A character who died in a previous movie is all set to return in “Avengers 4.” In a recent interview, the actor playing this role revealed his return, and also revealed that there will be a flashback sequence in the film. The following article contains spoilers.

Crossbones (Frank Grillo) is an important villain who died in a bomb blast in “Captain America: Civil War.” According to a report by ComicBook.com, Grillo teased his return when he was a guest at the UFC Unfiltered podcast.

Grillo revealed that his character will be back in “Avengers 4.” The character’s return has nothing to do with time travel or some form of resurrection, instead the villain will return in a flashback sequence.

It is interesting to note that there will be a flashback sequence in the upcoming film. It remains to be seen if there will be other such scenes. The flashbacks may be used as a tool to explore some of the emotional moments for the superheroes over the years, and at the same time pay homage to the past events as the upcoming film marks the end of the first phase of Marvel movies.

Grillo’s tease is a little surprising because the cast members aren’t allowed to say anything about the film. Grillo joked that he is allowed to say anything he wants because he is not going to be in any more Marvel movies. When asked why he couldn’t do any more superhero movies, the actor again joked that he is “117 years old.”

The plot synopsis if the film suggests that this will be a “turning point” in the epic superhero journey that spans 22 inter-connected movies. The synopsis also stated that this “reality” that the heroes live in is fragile, and it requires sacrifices to uphold it. Captain America (Chris Evans) is expected to die in “Avengers 4,” which further makes a flashback with Crossbones relevant for the character’s exit.