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Karen Gillan (Nebula) had previously teased that her character will get a new BFF in “Avengers 4.” As reshoots of the film have begun, the actress appears to have teased who this character is that Nebula will be seen with.

Gillan is back in the makeup chair, getting ready for the “Avengers 4” reshoots. A picture she shared online [see below] on social media shows her with a sculpt head of her co-star Pom Klementieff as her character the Mantis. Gillan said that Klementieff is keeping her company in the makeup room.

Since both Gillan and Klementieff are getting ready to film their scenes together it is safe to assume that the two characters will meet in the upcoming film. It is still unclear how Mantis will come back to life after she turned to dust, thanks to the snap of the fingers by Thanos (Josh Brolin).

Gillan had previously said that her character will be getting a new BFF. The comment was made while promoting “Infinity War,” but since that didn’t take place in the movie it can be expected in the upcoming film.

Many fans had assumed that Nebula will be teaming up with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). The proximity of the two characters after “Infinity War” and their mutual interest in technology made this theory plausible. However, Gillan’s new photo seems to suggest that her character’s new BFF will be Mantis.

Nebula and Mantis are two very different people. Nebula is a serious, no-nonsense android with a mission; while Mantis is a fun loving character who is trying to understand human emotions. The two characters teaming up should be a good recipe for some humours scenes.

Nebula’s true BFF however will only be revealed when the fans watch “Avengers 4.” The film is set to be released on May 3, 2019 in the US.

Credit: Karen Gillan/ Instagram