An Avengers and X-Men crossover movie could happen after Disney-Fox merger. Facebook/Avengers

High resolution promo art of the highly anticipated upcoming film “Avengers 4” has been released online. One of the pictures teases Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) in a new costume. Reshoots are currently ongoing for the film, and cast member Karen Gillan (Nebula) recently revealed how many alarms she needs to get up early to report on set.

So far, Hulk has only been seen wearing ripped trousers. That will change in the upcoming film. One of the promo art pictures posted on ComicBook.com shows the character getting a grey and purple suit that covers him from the neck to the ankle.

Hulk refused to come out in “Avengers Infinity War” after taking a beating from Thanos (Josh Brolin). It is left to Bruce Banner to do most of the fighting right till the very end. It remains to be seen how big a role he will play in the next film.

The other interesting promo art is that of Captain America (Chris Evans). The character is clean shaven, and he looks like the way he did in “Civil War,” which suggests that there may be some time travel involved in the next film.

The other promo art pictures are that of Rocket (Voice by Bradley Cooper), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), and the new superhero Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). The Iron Man suit is a more modern version, which he wore in “Infinity War.”

Meanwhile, Gillan is currently busy filming her scenes for the next movie. According to a report by ComicBook.com, she posted a screen shot of the number of alarms it takes for her to wake up early to get ready to go to work. The actress apparently needs five alarms, hitting snooze four times before finally waking up at 4:30 a.m.

Along with the reshoots, the cast members will also be filming the ending of “Avengers 4.”