A new study looks into the effectiveness of CBD in curing epilepsy. Creative Commons

Earlier this year, GW Pharmaceuticals made headlines in the cannabis industry when its seizure medication containing cannabidiol (CBD) Epidiolex got approval from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Taking note from GW’s success, other agencies are moving forward with their research to further uncover the capabilities of CBD.

A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia details work done with the help of 40 children from the NSW Compassionate Access Scheme for children with drug-resistant epilepsy and experiencing multiple seizures every day. The patients were treated with CBD as a supplementary anti-epileptic drug to see its effectiveness in treating epilepsy.

All but one of the patients reported one epileptic episode. The researchers wrote that “many were deemed unrelated to cannabidiol treatment.”

“The caregivers of 12 children felt the overall health of their children had much or very much improved; clinicians assessed seven children as being much or very much improved,” they added. Furthermore, a clinician’s assessment reveals that seven of the patient’s condition did improve.

For now, the researchers have yet to say anything concrete about the possible benefit of CBD for epilepsy patients as it would be hard to accurately measure the outcome at this point. Although CBD is showing potential for the development of a good epilepsy medication, there could be a few side effects. However, the researchers reiterated that they are manageable.

Researchers concluded that further research is needed to fully understand the compound’s capacity. Other medical groups could spearhead this venture even further, possibly leading to another exciting revelation for the industry.

POTN leads with quality and diversity

According to experts, now’s the perfect time to incorporate it into people’s lives. Considering its growth in recent years, countless companies have already emerged, and people should choose a brand carefully. Companies like PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) make the task easier.

POTN not only supports the industry through high-quality products distributed through Diamond CBD, Inc. but also leads the advanced research and development of the compound.

capsules, oils
POTN offers an array of CBD products including capsules, oils and edibles. Creative Commons

When it comes to the products itself, POTN guarantees to only use premium hemp plants in extracting CBD. The substance is then used in creating its products, including oils, vape additives, capsules, creams and more. In terms of quality and diversity, POTN and Diamond CBD have pulled out all the stops.

POTN’s products continue to impress during major outings such as the premier trade show ASD Market Week. In the latest iteration of the event held earlier this month, Diamond CBD has received over 400 new orders for the products.

From cancer to seizures and now epilepsy. CBD continues to shock the medical world with its benefits, and for us, it’s good knowing that through the variety of products infused with the substance, more people will have access to its benefits.

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