Australian actor Jeremy Kewley is charged with almost 103 child sex offence cases. The actor is currently out on bail.

One of the most popular and easily recognisable faces of Australian TV is charged with 103 indecent acts with a child under 16 and two charges of possessing child pornography. With an illustrative career spanning for around four decades, the 54-year-old actor had been a regular part of television appearing in shows such as "Blue Heelers," "Neighbours" and "Cop Shop."

The news, confirmed by ABC, revealed that the actor has been charged in connection cases with incidents that occurred in 2011, while the child pornography cases dated back to 2013. It is also claimed that various explicit images of young boys were found on his computer at the time of his arrest in August. The court proceeding brought out in the open the intimate details of the measures taken by the actor to make the videos, which featured him indecently touching and kissing the young boys.

The case will be returned to court in March and will further proceed to be designated to an authorised jurisdiction. The prosecution did not oppose his bail application. However, police will strictly monitor his every move to avoid any interference or coercion on the witnesses.

In movies, he was first casted in "The Devil's Playground" and has appeared in several movies, such as "Amy," "Disappearance" and "Underbelly."

As per further details, the actor used to lure boys to his home in the pretext of giving them an acting job under big banners. Details from the police investigation revealed that almost 27 boys have answered to one of his advertisements seeking a young actor, in which some of them were reportedly molested by the famous Aussie actor.

As a requirement during the said auditions, the young boys were reportedly asked to dress in tight lycra body suits. The actor would then perform simulated sex acts with the minors. The harrowing details are gradually being revealed as an increasing number of victims have come forward.

The investigation also showed that roughly a dozen of the young victims have been located and identified by the police. They are set to appear in further case proceedings, which will commence in March.