Australian actress Eliza Szonert, who played Danni Stark from 1993 to 1996 in the popular TV soap opera “Neighbours,” is being investigated by Malaysian police for abduction of her child from her former partner, Ashley Crick. The 41-year-old actress regained custody of her daughter after she was accompanied by two large men last Thursday, Dec. 10, inside a restaurant at Kuala Lumpur’s Mid Valley Mega Mall. The men kept Crick engaged while Szonert snatched back her baby.

Datuk Law Hong Soon, Kuala Lumpur’s police deputy chief, said that Crick has lodged a complaint at Brickfields police headquarters the very day Szonert abducted her baby.

“I think this case is more towards a family conflict. The police will seek Szonert to record her statement,” said the police deputy chief, The Rakyat Post reports.

According to the version provided by the “Underbelly” actress, she took her son to Kuala Lumpur to visit Crick. However, they had a disagreement in recent weeks that led to Crick kicking Szonert out of his house. Crick didn’t allow Szonert to take her child back and allegedly kept their passports, Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The video of the abduction reveals that Szonert took approximately only 15 seconds to walk into the restaurant and get away with the child while the men kept Crick busy. The two men who accompanied Szonert were reportedly from an agency that helps parents in case of custody disputes. Szonert had contacted them after getting in touch with High Commission.

After the incident, Szonert asked for help from the Australian government as she was stranded in Malaysia without travel documents and passports. The High Commissioner refused to reissue passports for her and her child as the the matter is reportedly a civil custody issue, plus the fact that the passports already exist.

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