Australian actress Eliza Szonert, 41, who played Danni Stark in “Neighbours” from 1993 to 1996, has recently regained custody of her child from her former partner Ashley Crick.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, Szonert travelled to Malaysia with the child to stay with Crick. However, she and Szonert had a fight, and the latter was thrown out of Crick’s accommodation without her passport. Crick did not even allow her to take her child.

The details of the duo's fight are unknown. However, Szonert, broken and clueless of what needs to be done, contacted the High Commission for help. She also got in touch with an organisation that helps parents gain back child custody in case of disputes.

On Thursday, Szonert was accompanied by two large men to get back her child. They entered a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur’s Mid Valley Mega Mall where Crick was present with the child. The actress grabbed her child back while the two men kept Crick engaged.

While Szonert was able to take back her child from Crick after getting assistance from the agency, her passport as well as her child's are still with Crick.

The High Commissioner has allegedly refused to reissue them a passport as it is a “civil custody matter” and because a passport already exists, reports New Zealand Herald. Authorities also told Szonert to negotiate with Crick. A spokesperson from the child recovery agency said that the child’s visa is about to expire soon.

Szonert is currently stranded in Malaysia but she has issued a statement that she has safely recovered her child. She also asked for help from the Australian government regarding her situation.

“I am calling on the Australian government to provide all necessary assistance to help my son and I return to Australia,” she said.

Meanwhile, Crick, a musician, businessman and former international skydiving champion, has refused to comment on the matter but said he is “very focused on his son's well-being.”

On Wednesday night, Australian Foreign Affairs Department confirmed that it is in the process of providing consular assistance to a lady in Kuala Lumpur but did not provide any details, citing privacy obligations.

Crick is working in Malaysia as the chief technology officer for iflix. It is a subscription video platform that will be rolled out throughout Asia. He has been an accomplished musician and has also played with guitar maestro Tommy Emmanuel.

Source: YouTube/MY NEWS

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