Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger gestures during their English Premier League soccer match against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, northern England October 25, 2014.
“We never felt comfortable and somewhere we got punished because of bad luck.” - Arsene Wenger REUTERS/Andrew Yates

It seems like Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had it all figured out. It's Christmas! And that's why the recent sackings in the Premier League. The Arsenal boss definitely had the time to reflect on these recent Premier League sackings by expressing how such a sensitive period Christmas is. To top on the recent sackings were Neil Warnock and Alan Irvine. Both were dropped days following Christmas. Both managers have only poor results to show right after the big day.

Day after the Boxing Day, Crystal Palace let go of Warnock. It was also the day Palace was defeated by a 3-1 score at home to Southampton. It was a humiliating day for Palace. Irving on the other hand was run over by West Bromwich Albion by three straight defeats. All of which happened either side of Christmas.

As the Arsenal boss Wenger aptly observes, this is how quickly life changes. On Arsenal's official Web site, Wenger further stated that it is true that sometimes the game is played and won over by the numbers. However, he reiterated the sensitivity of the Christmas season as also the season where people can reflect, and sit together with families where talk always happen. It is during Christmas that you hear people, friends, love ones, and families, say what you should and should not do.

Added to the talks would also be the sensitivity of the season for managers like Wenger. It is that time of the year when managers who enjoy the top slot at the Premier League, or who are trying to beat one another to just to be on top, also reflect on things. Oftentimes, according to Wenger, those who have so much to lose are also much worried to go down. This is why everything's happened.

The departure of Warnock at Palace seems to paint the picture and kick off the series for managerial sackings. Irving is set to follow after its axe day's foul right after the former Eagles box. To add the list of sackings this season, it is speculated that Alan Pardew will be next in line to join Palace. This can only mean one thing: Newcastle United is set to be manager-less come January's transfer window.