Ariel Winter
"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter takes a selfie. Instagram/@arielwinter

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter has got a new tattoo and it’s a black and white tiger. She shared the photo of her latest addition on Instagram that has already received about 80,000 likes. The tattoo looks fierce and it could be a warning to her body shamers to stay away from commenting on her likes and preferences.

Thank you @_dr_woo_ ❤ ️ ❤ ️ #tattoo #tiger

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Winter spent several hours with tattooist Doctor Woo at Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles, according to MTV. Doctor Woo also designed the vegemite tattoo for Miley Cyrus.

“Beginning of my late night spent at @shamrocksocialclub with @_dr_woo_ _ can't wait to share soon ;) #tattoos,” Winter captioned another photo from inside Woo’s studio.

Beginning of my late night spent at @shamrocksocialclub with @_dr_woo_ _ can't wait to share soon ;) #tattoos

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Based on the photo Winter shared, it is possible that she got another inside-elbow tattoo apart from the tiger one.

Winter has worked with Woo previously. Three months ago, she got a hip tattoo that read “Love Risks Everything And Asks For Nothing.” Winter’s most-special tattoos are the initials of her nephews and nieces who are five most important people in her life.

“Their initials are on my ribcage, on the side where my heart is. They are my inspiration, and my reason for living. Love these babies more than anything and proud to have their initials forever on my body,” she captioned the photo.

Peep tattoo 1 of 3 __ @_dr_woo_ is a master __ PC: @laurent_claude_gaudette

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However, Winter’s tattoos have been criticised by body shamers. In fact, as per the actress, she is body shamed for pretty much everything she does.

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“Every time I post about getting a tattoo every single person has something to say about it - 'you shouldn’t be getting tattoos, you’re ruining your body, you’re destroying yourself even more, I thought you were pretty and a nice person, you’re just trash,” she said when she appeared on The Talk.

She also spoke about how she was body-shamed even at the age of 12 and that even after her breast reduction surgery, people keeps on commenting about the dresses she should wear.

What better way to shut her critics than with a ferocious tiger tattoo!