Ariel Winter
Actress Ariel Winter of the comedy series "Modern Family" arrives at the 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California January 30, 2016. Reuters/Mike Blake

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter recently spoke passionately about body shaming and also said that if at all pop beauty Taylor Swift has gone under the knife, it’s good for her. Swift recently sparked speculation that she may have undergone a breast enhancement surgery after she was photographed with Tom Hiddleston and also when she rocked an "America" bikini top during her Fourth of July party.



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A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

However, a source close to E! News, said that Swift did not get implants and that the rumours surrounding the idea are totally false. Another source also confirmed the news saying that Swift loves her breasts and she likes the fact that “she can go bra-less and have them still be perky.”

Winter, who went under the knife to get her breasts reduced, appeared on The Talk on Tuesday (local time) and said that people still comment on everything she wears even after she got her breasts reduced.

“What’s funny is that even after I got the breast reduction everybody still comments on everything I wear. If I’m wearing a tank top people will still comment and go ‘oh she looks like this and that but I’m sure she isn’t that kind of person’ and 'oh she’s asking for it,” Winter said.

She added that it took her a while to accept herself and she hopes that girls can learn to accept themselves no matter how small or big their breasts are.

“And I have to say if Taylor Swift did get her boobs done then good for her if she felt like she wanted to,” Winter added.

Winter also revealed that she faced body shaming as early as when she was 12 and that she was body shamed for everything one could be body shamed for. In fact, after getting new tattoos, she was described as a piece of trash by people.

“Every time I post about getting a tattoo every single person has something to say about it - 'you shouldn’t be getting tattoos, you’re ruining your body, you’re destroying yourself even more, I thought you were pretty and a nice person, you’re just trash,” Winter said.

Slamming her critics, the 18-year-old actress said that if her critics need to figure out their priorities and what they are doing in life.