Argentina Meteor Wows Concert Crowd, Spark Filmed by Several Witnesses and CCTVs [VIDEO]

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An Argentina meteor wowed a huge crowd watching a concert just before sunrise on Sunday. The night sky over the Argentine city of Santiago del Estero was ripped open by the very bright fireball. The spectacular event was filmed by several witnesses as well as CCTVs located at various spots in the city.

Argentina Meteor Wows Concert Crowd, Spark Filmed by Several Witnesses and CCTVs (Image: YouTube)

A crowd was gathered for a concert by Argentine folk band Los Tekis when the magnificent Argentina meteor spark lit up the dark sky. Several attendees filming the concert caught the scene at 3:26 a.m. local time.

In its translated news, The Hufington Post reported Jorge Coghlan, director of the Santa Fe Astronomical Observatory, said in a radio interview that Sunday's space rock was about 1.5 feet. It fell into the Earth's atmosphere at more than 130,000 kilometers per hour. Then the meteor exploded into bits just 65 kilometers above the earth.

The meteor's entry and subsequent disintegration caused a massive spark that was also captured by several CCTV cameras in the city. Many of such CCTV captures have been uploaded to YouTube.

In a report by The Guardian, the locals reportedly felt a tremor when the meteor has crashed to the Argentinian ground.

In contrast, the meteor that struck Chelyabinsk, Russia in February was much bigger at 55 to 65 feet. About a thousand people were injured in this meteor crash at a populated area. A lot of injuries were caused by shattered windows from the vibration of the crash.

Scroll down to watch one of the Argentina meteor videos uploaded. Here are some of the comments posted by YouTube users:

amazing to be in a concert and see something like that :D good way to promote the band LOL - soronefabrik1

The russian meteor and now this - something is going down - TimeWillTell0509

VIDEO: Argentina Meteor Lights Up the Night Sky, Stuns Concert Crowd


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