A still form James Wan film 'Aquaman." Aquaman/ Facebook

Director James Wan has shared new pictures online from his upcoming film “Aquaman.” The pictures tease some of the underwater beasts that the fans will see with Nuidis Vulko (Willem Dafoe) and King Orm (Patrick Wilson).

Sharks will play the role of horses in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Wan teased the sharks that King Orm and Vulko will use as their personal steeds. The beasts have armour on them, and they are ready for battle.

In the comics, Vulko is a significant political figure in Atlantis. He is mostly an academic, and was working as an advisor. It remains to be seen what role the character will play in the upcoming film, and whether or not he will be a friend to Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa).

Orm is also known as the Ocean Master. He is the half-brother of Aquaman. He has a claim to the throne of Atlantis, and in the movie he plans to wage war against the surface world after becoming king. It is up to Aquaman to take his rightful place as king and stop this mad war from happening.

The beast that Orm will ride in the film is a tylosaurus, Wilson revealed in a tweet [see below]. Wan joked about the actor actually riding a mechanical bull on set that was later transformed into the underwater beast using computer graphics.

Wilson asked the director not to ruin the magic of the film for the fans. Orm’s steed also has a name apparently, but that was not revealed online. The actor may, however, talk about it during the press junket.

“Aquaman” is set to be released on Dec. 26 in Australia. With Wan at the helm, expectations are high for the movie to deliver a big hit at the box office, and get some momentum going for DC movies.

Credit: James Wan/ Twitter