Fans who were hoping to see a trailer of “Aquaman” over the weekend at the WonderCon were disappointed when no video was released at the event. Director James Wan has now offered an explanation by saying that the trailer isn’t ready yet and that he won’t release a “subpar” video.

Explaining the delay on Twitter, the director said there was really no plan to release a trailer during WonderCon, contrary to some reports claiming that a video would be released. Wan claimed these reports are mere “internet noise,” something he doesn’t normally respond to.

So what's taking the trailer so long, especially with the release of the film fast approaching? Wan explained that the movie is heavy on visual effects and that the visuals in the trailer are also taking a long time to complete.

However, Wan assured fans that he and his team are working hard to get the trailer out as soon as possible. The director used the calm surface of the ocean as a metaphor to explain that it doesn't necessarily mean there’s nothing happening beneath the waves.

All of Wan's messages were full of references to the ocean, actually. He promised to make more references in the future any chance he will get.

While the director is taking his time to create the best possible trailer for the film, a fan has managed to put together a trailer. The minute-long fan-made video on YouTube shows Aquaman (Jason Momoa) in action scenes, with footage sourced from other movies.

“Aquaman” is set to be released on December 26 in Australia. The plot will focus on Arthur Curry finding out that he is heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. He must now lead his people and become a hero for the world.