Star Trek: Discovery tv series
CBS' "Star Trek: Discovery" teaser poster Facebook/Star Trek: Discovery

The first season of “Star Trek Discovery” teased the existence of the black badge, and season 2 may finally explore what this is. Fans of the franchise may already know what the mysterious badge refers to, but it remains to be seen how this element will be introduced in the show. The following article contains spoilers.

The third episode of the first season introduced a few officers wearing a black badge. These remained unexplored throughout the rest of the season, but the show may soon start explaining the story behind them. QMx has released four division magnetic badge replicas, and one of them is the black badge, TrekMovie reports.

The product description from QMx is headlined "Section 31?" Fans of the franchise will remember that Section 31 is a secret group within the Federation first introduced in “Star Trek Deep Space Nine,” and it was later referenced in “Enterprise” and the film “Into Darkness.”

Section 31 primarily deals with security threats against the Federation. What is unique about this group is that it operates outside the official structure of the Federation and is not bound by ethical constraints. Its mandate is to deal with external threats in extraordinary circumstances.

It will be interesting to see how this organisation is introduced in the show since the war against the Klingons has already ended. Will the Federation encounter another big enemy? Someone like the Romulan Empire?

“Star Trek Discovery” season 2 is expected to connect to the original series with the introduction of the characters like Captain Kirk and Spock. The ship is currently without a captain and was last seen en route to pick up a new one.