Cast member Jason Momoa arrives at the film premiere of "Conan the Barbarian"
IN PHOTO:Cast member Jason Momoa arrives at the film premiere of "Conan the Barbarian" in Los Angeles, California August 11, 2011. Reuters/Jason Redmond

James Wan has got his very own Funko POP toy, and while sharing this news with the fans online the director also teased a scene from his upcoming film “Aquaman” in the background. A trailer of the film will be released next month, but the fans got to see a taste of the film in the picture.

The Funko POP toy is made in the image of Wan. The director called it his “lifelike clone.” He also said that the arrival of the toy made him to go straight back to work. And what he was working on was the film “Aquaman.”

It isn’t clear whether Wan was working on the trailer of the film or was fine tuning the film as a whole, but a scene from the movie is unmistakable in the background [see below]. The picture shows Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) in an action sequence with his trident.

It isn’t clear who Aquaman is fighting, but the fight appears to be taking place in water. The scene is still a work in progress, and it has the tag “Property of Warner Bros.” on it.

Fans have already seen a teaser of the film. The plot will be about Atlantis being threatened by pollution from the surface. There will be a civil war, with one faction demanding to cleanse the surface world to ensure the survival of the water kingdom. Aquaman will also be blamed for consorting with the people of the surface.

“Aquaman” is set to be released on Dec. 26 in Australia. Will Wan be able to deliver a big hit for DC?

After the “Aquaman” project, Wan may get to direct the pilot episode of “The Swamp Thing” for the new streaming service DC Universe, That Hashtag Show reports. Wan will be joined by Deran Sarafian as a co-director.

Credit: James Wan/ Instagram